Department of Information Management at NCUE was founded in 2000. Currently there are 12 full-time faculties, 191 undergraduate, 60 graduate and 60 on-job graduate students. Despite of its young history, all staff, faculties and people of this department have been working hard and contributing to its continually successful development in various perspectives.



The average evaluation score for teachers is as high as 4.44 (on a 5-point scale). In the past 5 years, 3 out of the 5 distinguished teachers elected in the college of management are coming from faculty members of IM department. Dr. Wu, Pei-Fen was also voted by the students one of the top three best teachers of the school.



The design of our curriculum provides students with solid foundation in Information Management, while also put focus on Digital Content as an additional feature of this department. In addition, educational objectives and core competences are carefully revised and enforced in course planning and teaching with specific checklist and assessment mechanisms to improve students' learning, and thus competitiveness in furture job market.



The department is rated 4th and 5th (out of the 129 IM departments in Taiwan) in SSCI and NSC core journals publications according to the National Science Council's study. Together with efforts by the faculty members of our department and various information-related departments, the school is rated 13th, 44th and 167th amnog national, asia and world-wide universities, respectively in term of Information science related publications.



The department provides many courses in training the students' practical capability. Students are encouraged to participate in contests to demonstrate their learning outcomes. For the past three years, our students have won in more than 20 contests. To name just a few:

  • 2011:First prize (among 1333 teams), Chunghua Telcom Mobile Applications (game) contest.
  • 2010:First prize, iclone animation contest.
  • 2010:First proze (among 500+ teams, include professionals), Doll design.



The department has been actively connecting to corporate in central Taiwan area so that our students may have practice opportunities. We also provide many career-orientated courses to bridge the gap between the lecture room and the industry. Accordingly, there is no involuntary unemployment among students graduated from our department.